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Ever wondered why there is so much emphasis on responsive design? Responsive design doesn’t just mean compatibility between desktop view and mobile view! Today’s computer market has a wiiiide variety of resolutions on laptops and your design varies extensively on each one of them. A good responsive design makes a…

A diff’d version of HTML

Hello y’all, let’s talk about “Diff View” today and see how we can achieve that in our project. You can get the JS file from tnwinc’s repo here. It is a CoffeeScript code though, but you can use any online converter to get JS code out of it — I…

Passing blobs from one window to another

Have you ever built a chrome extension and uploaded a photo and wanted to transfer the data to your website for further processing?

I did, and damn, it took a while to figure it out! Here’s how to do it. Here I will demonstrate using image upload as an example.

Gotcha 1️

The iframe approach to set / get the blob — Nope! That’s unreliable.

Gotcha 2️

A good friend told me that we could actually use…

Hi y’all, hope you’re doing good. I am excited to share this article with you all. It is an animation that you see in the gif above. I have achieved the transitions using simple CSS transform properties timed right, though, the challenge was more with how the scrolling affects it…

Insert or Update?

Hello people! Lately I have been working a lot with Postgresql and NodeJS. One of the latest requirements I have faced is a CHALLENGE! Bulk upsert of data read from a .xlsx file. …

Angular + Firebase Realtime Database

Hey folks, hope you’re all doing good. Recently, while working on a project, I got a requirement for a chat service, but this time, using firebase realtime database and not Twilio or Intercom. Here’s the exact requirement —

  1. There is a customer end of chat where he has the ability…

Krishna Prasad

ReactJS, NextJS, NodeJS and every other JS! It’s like a never ending learning journey. 😎

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